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Payday loans are slightly expensive alternatives compared to the regular bank loans. But they can be of real help when you are in an urgent need for money. Be it a medical emergency or a financial downfall, payday cash advance helps you with instant cash in your bank account. No credit check and no document faxing are involved.  After the fast approval the money is transferred automatically into your account. When the time comes for you to pay back, you can simply use direct debit facility or a debit card to pay it back to the lender. And best part is that all these are done online. Here is a list of top 10 UK payday loans:

CashGenie UK

CashGenie is one of the eminent companies offering fast payday loans in UK. The minimum and maximum pay out limit for the loan are £75 and £ 750. No credit check is performed on the borrower’s background before approving the loan. Minimum repayment term is 1 day and maximum term is 30 days.

Purple Payday

Minimum disbursal amount is £100 and maximum is £750. Repayment per £100 is £125. Loan term can be anywhere between 1 day and 31 days.

Safeloans Ltd.

Minimum loan amount is £50 which can go up to £400. Repayment amount is £130.10 for £100.

Loan is available between £250 and £100. Repayment amount is £136.44 per £100.

Quick Quid

Quick Quid is another eminent lender for internet payday loans of high value up to £1500.


Wonga is a popular lender that charges 1% on a daily basis for your payday loan. Fastest application procedure and easy terms make them a popular choice.

Payday UK

This is a transparent financial service offering loans up to £750. Amount payable per £100 is £125.

Txt Loans

The repayment term for payday loans from Txt is just a week but the charge is pretty less. They charge a flat 10% on the amount.

Mr. Lender

It is a comparatively new payday loan service charging 25% on the amount.

Payday Express

Payday express is another dependable payday lender offering loan up to £800 maximum.

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